Within this part of my website you will be able to see what I have done through the qualifications I have achieved to get to where I am today. my portfolio works in chronological order from the most recent things.


Throughout the pages the images cover work from my degree in Textile Design BA(Hons) and my A-Level subjects which were Textile art and 3D art.

Uni - 2nd Year

The second year at Uni developed computerised ways of creating fabrics in all three disciplines and saw me specialise into my favourite area; Knit.

The first year at Uni saw development in three disciplines; Knit, Print and Weave.

Uni - 1st Year

Textile art covered inspiration from, African Tribes, Cats, Food and Ballet.

3D art covered inspiration from Architecture, Butterflies, Ancient Egypt and Mythological Creatures.


About me:

I am a graduate in Textile Design BA(Hons) from the University of Derby, my specialism is knit.

I am skilled in machine knitting on both Domestic and Industrial machines as well as hand knitting.


I have got experience in weave, print and some pattern cutting. I also have experience using CAD, in particular Photoshop and Shima Seiki software.


Machines I have previous experience with;

Domestic knitting machines, standard, fine and chunky gauges

Double bed machines (Dubied) 2.5, 5, 7, 10 and 12 gauges

Shima Seiki, 5 and 10 gauge

Industrial linker

Industrial Steam press and iron

Domestic sewing machine

Lockstitch machine

Domestic and industrial overlockers

Hand loom 12 shafts and jacquard loom

Uni - 3rd Year

The third year at uni shows development of understanding structures, design technique and development as a designer. A very personal year showing what I can achieve.

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